How long do I have to wait before I can re-enter my yard after fogging?

Children and pets may re-enter the area 5 minutes after you've fogged.

What kind of insecticide should I use in a thermal fogger?

Only oil-based insecticide may be used in a thermal fogger. It is recommended to use either Black Flag, Cutter or Repel brand insecticides which are specifically formulated for use with thermal foggers.

Do the foggers have an automatic ignition, or does it need to be started with a match or lighter?

The Black Flag, Cutter and Repel branded propane foggers have an automatic ignition button like on a gas grill. The Burgess propane fogger is ignited with a lighter. The electric foggers are turned on when they are plugged into a power source.

What size cylinders do the propane powered foggers use?

The Black Flag, Cutter and Repel propane powered foggers can use either of the 16.1oz (wide style) or the 14.1oz (slim style) propane cylinders and the Burgess can only use the 14.1oz (slim style). Both style cylinders can be found in any hardware or home improvement store.

Does fogging leave any unpleasant residual smell?

No, fogging does not leave any residual or lingering smell once the fog has dissipated, so you can enjoy your yard.

Does the fogger need to be preheated prior to using?

Yes, the foggers need to get to the proper working temperature, which takes only about 2 minutes. If not properly heated, the unit can squirt liquid onto your grass and plants.

How often do I need to pump the handle?

The optimal pumping interval is 3 to 4 seconds between pumps. If you pump too frequently, you may begin to squirt liquid as the insecticide is not given enough time to vaporize. Pumping too infrequently, can cause the fog to appear yellow or brownish in coloring, which means the insecticide is burning and the effectiveness can be diminished.

Does fogging repel or kill mosquitoes?

Fogging repels and kills mosquitoes. If you fog before dusk, the fog will reach the mosquitoes where they hide prior to emerging for their nightly feeding.

Is fogging more effective than those electric bug zappers?

Yes. Zappers do effectively kill mosquitoes as well as many "good" insects. But in order for them to work, they actually have to attract the mosquitoes, which may still bite you on their way to the light. Foggers kill mosquitoes where they hide before they even emerge for the night.